Saturday, June 21, 2008


The celebration of the sacraments is about recognizing the divine fight in the people and the stuff of the world in the context of a supportive community. When we truly begin to live our lives sacramentally, we begin the slow process of discovering the light of God at work in us and in our environment.

Love God and Neighbour:

In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us the core meaning of His Commandments. If we live them out, our lives will not only be meaningful, but also be faith-filled and fruitful. Only with God's graces can we live such God-centred lives. Are we receptive to such graces from God?


The spirit of God requires a peaceful, meditative heart and not an anxious or inattentive heart. One must have a joyous and modest face; avoid mocking and inordinate laughter and generally all that is contrary to a holy and joyful modesty.

- Blessed Francis de Montmorency Laval (1623-1708)


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