Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Real Love:

Real love, loving as Jesus loved, is not something that just happens to us. Loving is a conscious choice, an active discipline of letting go of our need to impose our will on others and becoming other-centered.

St John the Baptist - Special:

In today's Gospel, we see that John the Baptist was a very special child in God's plan of Salvation. God too has created each one of us for a special purpose. Have you used your gifts and talents for God and His people so far in your life?


God speaks to us, without ceasing, by His good inspirations; He sends us good thoughts, good desires. In youth, in old age, in all the misfortunes of life, He exhorts us to receive His grace, and what use do we make of His warnings? At this moment, even, are we cooperating rightly with grace?

- Saint John Vianney


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