Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Our Catholic Faith:

In what ways are you silent about our Catholic faith? Are you strong enough in your faith to defend it if called upon to do so?

Human and Heavenly Reality:

In today's Gospel Jesus challenges the Sadducees to see that human and heavenly needs are infinitely different realities. Eighty years of earthly life cannot be compared to the billions of years of eternity. We have everything to gain if we live fully in God’s ways in this short earthly life.


We must nourish a great love for God and our neighbors; a strong love, an ardent love, a love that burns away imperfections, a love that gently bears an act of impatience or a bitter word, a love that lets an inadvertence or act of neglect pass without comment, a love that lends itself readily to an act of charity.

- Blessed Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad (1870-1957)

My Soul is open before you.Like a blank sheet of paper.Write on it what you will.O Lord:I am Yours.

— Blessed John XXIII


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