Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

Reflection based on Matthew 18: 12-14

Especially for Me

For the past couple of summers, I have been selling from the abundance of my garden at our local farmer's market. It has been an unexpected pleasure for me to see how much my labors mean to those who come to my stand.

I am often engaged in lively discussions about such apparently mundane topics as how to best mulch freshly planted garlic or what varieties of fingerling potatoes grow best in our country. The customers seem to crave the details of the particular attention that I have given each crop. It is as if they hope to taste in the carrot the love I have put into it -- as if they desire this love even more than they desire the food itself.

Often, in the midst of the hustle of the market, I think of Christ, and how totally he satisfies this deep desire to be loved with a particular, attentive love. After all, when one sheep goes astray he will hasten after it, treating that little lost sheep as if it were the only sheep in the world! How unfathomable is this love, which knows every hair of my head, every breath and every sigh.

At Christmas we rediscover him at the heart of the creche. And each of us must remember: he came especially for me. Yes, he came for me!

Lisa Lickona

Loving Father, you love me with the dearest, most particular love. Help me to recognize your tenderness today and every day.


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