Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday of the Second Week of Advent

Reflection based on Matthew 11: 16-49

The Lesson of Heaven

Those who teach often find that their success of failure depends less upon their students' acumen than upon their desire to learn. Listening and learning require effort; both call for a readiness to embrace previously unknown truths and perhaps even to see oneself and all of creation under a new light. So it happens that people often choose to remain unlearned. Such is the obstacle our Lord found in his audience.

Earlier, they had taken John the Baptist's solitary asceticism as an excuse to write him off. Then, these same people took Jesus' communal way of life as a pretext to reject him, too. Yet both John and Jesus, albeit in different way, taught the same lesson, asking for repentance, or conversion, and preaching the kingdom of heaven. Now as then, many respond to this teaching with indifference, yet those wise enough to listen are vindicated by the gift of knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 13: 11).

The Word whose coming we awaiting during these days of Advent is like no other in his demand for docility on our part - he asks for the complete reorientation of our lives Should we be wise enough to receive him with attentive minds and loving hearts, the vindication he shall work in us will surpass all our imagining.

Father Timothy Bellamah, O.P.

Heavenly Father, send forth your Spirit upon us, so that with the gifts of wisdom and understanding, we may await the coming of your Son with faithfulness and joy.


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