Friday, December 03, 2010

First Friday of Advent

Reflection based on Matthew 9: 27-31

Believing Is Seeing

At a busy intersection in Manhattan, I stood with a crowd of people waiting for the light to change. Glancing to the left, I made eye contact with a stranger who nodded and cheefully asked, "Hey! How are you doing?" I was not wearing clerical attire, and I wrongly assumed he knew me. I replied, "I'm well. How are you?" As the light changed, the man crossed the street. Looking back, he said, "I'm doing great because I know that Jesus is in the world. You have a great day!"

On the road of life, two blind men meet Jesus. In their request for healing, Jesus has an odd response. He asks them if they are confident he can cure them. His question is a strong reminder that healing and conversion are not magic. They require a willingness to be led by Jesus. For the first time, these two men are given not only the ability to see but to look people directly in the eye. When they do, they cannot help but tell people about Jesus.

Life is sometimes like a crowded street corner. Eyes downward or straight ahead, we do not notice the people who stand to our left or right. What faith would people see, if they looked directly in your eyes?

Monsignor Gregory E. S. Malovetz

Loving Father, open our hearts and open our eyes. May this Advent be a time of new vision for us. May our lives be a witness to the loving presence of Jesus in the world.


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