Sunday, May 25, 2008

People of God:

What does it mean to be the People of God? Precisely this: that we are to be “of God.” That our lives are to be centered on Jesus, on the message of the Gospels. That we are to live a spiritual life, led and guided by the Spirit as we contemplate the mystery of God’s love that Jesus reveals. That we are to live as people of the one family, sharing our goods, our burdens and our hearts.

Body & Blood of Christ:

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells us clearly that, if we do not eat His Body and drink His Blood, we will not have life within us. Ponder also on Jesus' Truth that asserts, 'Whoever eats me will also draw life from me.' Do we value receiving Holy Communion during Mass or has it become just a routine?


Prayer ought to be humble, fervent, resigned, persevering, and accompanied with great reverence. One should consider that he stands in the presence of a God and speaks with a Lord before whom the angels tremble from awe and fear.

- Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi (1566-1607)


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