Monday, May 05, 2008

Oneness With God:

Total oneness with the Maker—love separated by nothing—no flesh, no clothes, no thoughts, no worries or anxieties—just the exhilaration of oneness, acceptance, love. This is the joy of being absolutely happy without need or worry, without pain, without concern of it ever ending or leaving. This is Heaven.

Faith - Commitment:

In today's Gospel, Jesus cautions His disciples and us that even as we claim to believe in Him, we will scatter and disown Him when we are threatened. Are we committed enough to choose Jesus above our own comforts, fears, pains, sacrifices, forgiveness or humility?


A religion of Sunday Mass but of unjust weeks does not please the Lord. A religion of much praying but with hypocrisy in the heart is not Christian. A church that sets itself up only to be well off, to have a lot of money and comfort, but that forgets to protest injustices, would not be the true church of our divine Redeemer.

- Archbishop Oscar Romero (December 4, 1977)


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