Saturday, May 03, 2008


Heaven isn’t a distant place, it is within us—we carry it in us, the memory of its reality is indelibly pressed into the cells of our brain and flesh and it is the knowledge of being in the glory of God—the joy, the rush experienced in the pure essence of God—the center core, if you will, of the continuum of which everything else is only a part.

Prayers Answered - Faith:

In today's Gospel, Jesus assures us that if we have deep faith in Him, then whatever we ask in His name, His Father will grant. The key phrase is 'deep faith' in Jesus. Do we have this? If we do, then our prayers will be 'answered', but in God's ways which is better than our ways.


Have patience, lay aside a bit that anxious care of yourself, and have no fear that anything will be wanting to you. For if you trust in God, He will take care of you and everything necessary for your perfection. No one who hoped in Him and in His Providence has ever been disappointed.

- Saint Francis de Sales


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