Sunday, February 17, 2008

Second Sunday of Lent: Clearing the Clutter Out of My Work Life

Peter’s reaction to seeing Jesus transfigured was to do something, build something. But God tells him and us, “This is my son. Listen to him.” In a culture where what we do is valued above who we are, listening to God is sadly neglected. This week, I will pray about the “clutter” of excess doing; about busy-ness, stress, and workaholism. Do I trust God with my work? Do I see myself as loved and valuable for who I am, not what I do?


In today’s Gospel, the divinity of Jesus was revealed through His transfiguration when “His face shone like the sun.” When people meet us, do we remind them of Christ? What Christ-like qualities do you have that Jesus is challenging you to use for the good of the Church?


Fasting is a medicine; but [like] a medicine … [it] becomes frequently useless owing to the un-skillfulness of him who employs it. For it is necessary to know, moreover, the time when it should be applied, and the requisite quantity of it, and the temperament of body that admits it … and the corresponding diet, as well as various other particulars.

- Saint John Chrysostom


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