Monday, February 18, 2008

Lent -- Dignity

People who are poor, handicap, aged, ill, with no academic qualifications and etc tend to feel "small" and unimportant in society...

The more important questions for us Christians are:

- "Do we look down on such people?"

- "Do we feel superior and important?"
- Worse still, "Do I ignore, exploit and despise them?"

Regardless of our social status, God loves us all.

This is where all human dignity comes from. We are all created and loved infinitely by God.

In fact, God has "preferential love for the poor and needy."

Reflect on your life today:

- Are we Christ-like when we encounter the poor, the needy and etc?
- Do we encounter them in our homes?
- What is God saying to me here and now?


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